entrepreneur, scientist, philanthropist

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“investing for good as well as for gain”

Michael is a philanthropic entrepreneur, award-winning scientific researcher, highly-acclaimed paediatric dentist and frequent lecturer at New York University. Throughout his life, he’s leveraged his academic, innovative, and professional strengths to build a multifaceted career dedicated to helping and healing others.

Michael Atar
Quote 1
“medical entrepreneurship perfectly marries my hunger to learn and innovate with my passion for healing and philanthropy”
Quote 2
“the more I lean into my varying strengths and interests, the bigger a difference I can make”
Quote 3
“changing the world is a romantic notion, but plenty of the world’s pressing problems are small, even invisible, and far from glamorous”
Quote 4
“it is our responsibility to care for the world in which we live: I strive to imbue both my personal and professional life with an ethos reflecting this value”

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